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FAQ – NBA Draft

Every year the National Basketball Association (NBA) is giving its member franchises a chance to add new players to their roster ahead of the new NBA season via an event called the NBA Draft. All of the 30 NBA franchises can make use of this draft to strengthen their squad by picking up the right kind of players they need. The NBA Draft is held annually in June where the eligible players who are never played in the league will get listed and the teams will be given rights to choose them based on their performances in the previous NBA season.

The first draft in the history was held on 1 July 1947 when the league was known as the Basketball Association of America (BAA), later the league was renamed as the NBA and hence the first NBA draft was held on 25 April 1950 ahead of the 1950-51 NBA season.

An American player who is 19 years old before or during the draft year will be eligible to be included in the draft while it is 22 years for the international players. Those players who are completed their four years of college basketball will automatically qualify for the draft. The NBA Draft rule reads that a player should have at least one year of college basketball experiences to be eligible for the draft, so it brings an opportunity for any player to give up their three years college eligibility after playing a year and declare himself eligible for the draft. Though the age limit for automatic qualification for a foreign player is 22, the rules provide the younger players to declare themselves eligible for the draft. Players who become part of the NBA draft via self-declaration are often called as the early-entrants. No player will have to join the NBA without being part of at least one NBA draft. 

Usually, the NBA draft takes place during the offseason and there are two rounds for the teams to pick their required players. Sixty players are being considered for the NBA draft every year and each round will have 30 players to choose from. The player who first picked by a team in Round 1 will be known as the first overall pick in the NBA Draft, the second as the second overall pick and so on. Every NBA franchise will have one pick in each round; means a team can pick a maximum of two players from the draft. At the same time, a franchise can trade their draft picks for another draft pick or in exchange for other players or money.

The NBA Draft is working in an order where the teams with the worst records in the previous NBA season will have higher picks than those teams qualified for the NBA playoffs. It gives such badly performing teams a chance to reinforce their roster before the new season by picking top players in the draft. Among the 30 NBA franchises, 16 teams will qualify for the postseason rounds and 14 teams will not, so the first 14 picks are allotted for those 14 teams. Among the qualified teams, the team with the best record will get 30th pick and the next best team will get 29th pick and so on. There is a draft lottery system in place since 1985 to prevent teams from losing games on purpose to have better draft picks.

 Why should I Get NBA Draft Tickets?

The NBA Draft is an annual event that attracts many basketball lovers as it’s filled with drama, unexpected trades, and moves that no one can predict. If you wish to be part of those dramatic moments and enjoy the twist and turn that the franchisees make, you should get cheap NBA Draft tickets without service fees from before they get sold.

When Do the NBA Draft Tickets Go on Sale?

The NBA Draft tickets will go on sale in May during the offseason. The teams are preparing to welcome the new season and it’s the time for the franchises to plan for the upcoming season including whom they should get or what position they should strengthen. Many things go behind the scene before any NBA team picking their players from the draft. It’s always a fun and exciting option to attend the NBA draft event.

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Every NBA draft event has several thrilling moments to share with the basketball lovers. Some teams will get more than what they are expected from the draft while some other teams will miss out on their targets. Book your seats and have a chance to enjoy exciting NBA draft rounds.

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