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NHL game tickets without servie fees for sale everyday at FeeFreeTicket.  Every game has cheap tickets including teams such as Boston Bruins, Maple Leafs, Red Wings, Blackhawks and more.  Get into every game and watch the puck and gloves drop all the way to the Stanley Cup.

FAQ – NHL Tickets

NHL Tickets Facts

The National Hockey League (NHL), known famously as the world’s premier professional ice hockey league, is one of the most popular major sports leagues in the USA and Canada. There are 31 teams (24 from the USA and 7 from Canada) being part of the league, and they compete each other throughout the NHL regular season to be in the NHL playoffs and eventually become the NHL Champions by winning The Stanley Cup. The National Hockey League was established in the year 1917, and the NHL inaugural season was in 1917-18. The NHL was able to gain popularity over the years, and currently, there are players from more than twenty countries being part of different NHL franchises.

Similar to the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Hockey League is also having two conferences; Eastern Conference and Western Conference. The NHL Eastern Conference has 16 teams divided into 2 divisions while the NHL Western Conference has 15 teams divided into 2 divisions. You can visit to buy no fee NHL tickets and enjoy the most important games of the NHL preseason, regular season and playoffs.

Why should I Get NHL Eastern Conference Tickets?

The Eastern Conference is one of the most exciting NHL conferences along with the Western Conference. There are 16 teams being part of this NHL conference, and they are divided into two divisions; Eastern Conference Atlantic Division and Metropolitan Division. Both divisions are having 8 teams each and the teams compete through the NHL regular season to the Conference Finals to be the NHL Conference Champions and to secure their place in the Stanley Cup Finals and eventually be the NHL Champions beating the Western Conference winners. The Washington Capitals are the recent NHL Eastern Conference Champions as they defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning (4-3) in the 2018 Conference Finals. The Eastern Conference is famous for some wonderful NHL ice hockey moments, so you can now buy cheap NHL tickets from to ensure that you won’t miss such moments anymore.

How to Get Best Price NHL Atlantic Division Tickets?

The Atlantic Division is one of the two divisions in the NHL Eastern Conference and there are 8 teams participating within this division. The Tampa Bay Lightning, the Boston Bruins, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Montreal Canadiens, the Florida Panthers, the Buffalo Sabres, the Detroit Red Wings and the Ottawa Senators are the franchises from this division. All of them are capable of providing some scintillating moments to the fans whether in the regular season on in the Stanley Cup playoffs. You can browse through the respective team pages on our website to see NHL tickets without service fees to enjoy games while saving from every order you complete with us.

How to Buy Cheap NHL Metropolitan Division Tickets?

There is no shortage for entertaining teams in the Metropolitan Division of the NHL Eastern Conference. There are 8 teams being part of this division and they are the Washington Capitals, the New York Islanders, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Carolina Hurricanes, the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Philadelphia Flyers, the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils. Every NHL season is filled with lots of fun and excitement; with you can bring your NHL experiences to a new level by getting no fee NHL tickets for most important games of the season such as NHL All Star Game or the Finals.

Why should I Get NHL Western Conference Tickets?

The NHL Western Conference contributes to the greatest experiences of the league together with the Eastern Conference. There are 15 teams in the Western Conference (one less than the other conference) and they are grouped into two divisions; Western Conference Central Division and Pacific Division. The Central Division is having 7 teams in their group while the Pacific Division occupies 8 teams. The teams here compete throughout the regular season, in the NHL Conference Quarterfinals, in the Conference Semifinals and Conference Finals to be the Conference Champions, thus to qualify for the NHL Stanley Cup Finals with the Eastern Conference Champions. The Vegas Golden Knights are the recent NHL Western Conference Champions; they defeated Winnipeg Jets (4–1) in the 2018 Conference Finals. You can look for cheapest NHL tickets on our website as we have thousands of authentic tickets made available from hundreds of trusted third-party sellers.

How to Purchase No Fee NHL Central Division Tickets?

The Central Division is one interesting part of the NHL Western Conference. There are 7 teams participating under this group; the Nashville Predators, the Winnipeg Jets, the St. Louis Blues, the Dallas Stars, the Colorado Avalanche, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild. From regular season to the Conference Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the Central Division always had a great contribution to the joy of the ice hockey fans. We have specially designed NHL tickets without service fees for you to help you save without compromising the entertainment factor.

How to Find NHL Pacific Division Tickets without Service Fees?

The Pacific Division of the NHL Western Conference is having an excellent group of 8 teams; the Calgary Flames, the San Jose Sharks, the Vegas Golden Knights, the Arizona Coyotes, the Vancouver Canucks, the Anaheim Ducks, the Edmonton Oilers, and the Los Angeles Kings. If your favorite team belongs to this group of Western Conference, then surely we have affordable NHL tickets ready for you, all without any hidden charges.

When Do the NHL Playoffs Tickets Go on Sale?

The conclusion of the regular season welcomes the most interesting part of the season, that’s the NHL playoffs. There are 16 teams (8 each from both conferences) remaining to challenge for the Stanley Cup. The no fee NHL playoffs tickets become available by March every year, and the games will be started in the first weeks of April and end with the Stanley Cup Finals in June.

When Do the NHL Conference Quarterfinals Tickets Go on Sale?

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs will begin with the Conference Quarterfinals, and hence these games are quite important to the teams qualified for the NHL playoffs as well as their supporters. Normally these games are played in April, and hence you can expect the tickets to go on sale at the end of March. will guide you through cheap NHL Conference Quarterfinals tickets by making it available from trusted third-party sellers.

When Do the NHL Conference Semifinals Tickets Go on Sale?

In this round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, teams are well aware that they are one step closer to be in the Conference Finals if manage to overcome the challenges posed by their opponents. These games are played in April and that’s when you can buy NHL Conference Semifinals tickets from

When Do the NHL Conference Finals Tickets Go on Sale?

The third rounds of the NHL playoffs are often played in May with two best teams from each conference fight one another to be the Conference Champions and eventually secure their place in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. You can purchase NHL Conference Finals tickets from us without paying anything on service fees or hidden charges.

When Do the NHL Stanley Cup Finals Tickets Go on Sale?

The NHL Stanley Cup Finals are played in June where the Eastern and Western Conference Champions compete in a best-of-seven series to determine the NHL Champions. Book your place there now by ordering cheap NHL Stanley Cup Finals tickets from If you are a true ice hockey fan, then definitely you shouldn’t miss this most exciting game of the NHL season.

Is there any Free NHL Tickets Available from Your Website?

Sorry to inform you that we don’t provide any free NHL tickets to our clients. is your place to find out best priced NHL tickets without the burden of service fees. You pay only the ticket price; no extra charges will follow you.

How to Buy NHL Tickets from Your Website?

If you are browsing through the NHL tickets page on our website, then you can finish the deal within a few minutes, and of course, with a few clicks.

  • Pick the NHL ticket you want to purchase
  • Proceed to a safe and secure checkout
  • See the Inbox and find a confirmation email sent to you
  • Now you can download your ticket from the website, or get it via Fed-Ex

NHL is not just an experience for the fans; it’s a festival to be celebrated.

Can I Contact You in case of any NHL Tickets Issue?

You can contact us whenever you are having any issues NHL tickets purchased from us. You can fill and submit this Contact Form here, or call us (+1-877-268-3337) or send us a detailed email ( to reach out to us. Our customer support team will respond to you shortly and help you solve the issues. We are more than happy to keep happy clients whenever we deal with you.

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